There’s something about getting up at 03:30 and travelling to somewhere remote that really appeals to me. It is partly the isolation aspect of being miles from other people, and partly that I can talk nonsense to the camera without anyone listening to me.


Broomlee Lough - Near Hadrian's Wall

I started making short videos that documented my journeys, just for prosperity really, but later with a view to producing a short semi-professional video series about interesting places to visit in Northern England, haven’t quite nailed it yet, but I’m still working on it.



Red Gill Moss (Crash Site) - Near Brough

I find what I do is therapeutic in two ways, firstly the walk/experience itself, and secondly, re-living the experience through my short films. It can be hard to describe to people who don’t venture beyond the traditional tourist destinations, the feeling of being alone at 05:30 on the moors miles from the nearest person at the site of a tragic plane crash; but I've learned to sum it up in two words . . . humility and privilege.



I know it’s not the Serengeti or the Himalayas, but it’s my little adventure none the less; and when I say privilege I really mean it, even though these places are accessible to everyone, the feeling of having a place all to yourself in a small country of over 65,000,000 people feels quite special sometimes.

Winters' Gibbet - Near Elsdon

My videos are available on my YouTube channel if you would like to take a look. There’s some good ideas of places to visit. . . . if you like them, please leave me a comment and subscribe, I would much appreciate it.