Post Production & Editing Services

Pillarbox Media, post-production and editing services, all aspects of post production and editing in the North East of England.

Vegas Suite and Cubase specialist, we cover most aspects of digital media production including controlled interview shoots, lighting, basic annimation, image and audio editing, special effects and original soundscape composition.

We also collaborate with other creatives to produce interesting and engaging content for broadcast, creative marketing and awareness building projects.

Production Work

Pillarbox deliver quality productions at lower cost, enabling small businesses and funded projects to access well produced digital content.

We shoot staged interviews, products, small events and budget performance videos with a range of specialist tools to make them look great in UHD/HD.

We also get involved in the early stages of concept and planning to help organisations come up with realistic and affordable schedules.


For more information, contact Paul Atkinson on 07963 315324

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