What's The Point of That?

February 2021

I’ve always said, if you shoot a piece of video (it doesn’t have to be anything remarkable) then put it away on a flash drive for a few years, it might be worth something in later years. That's because the things, the places and the people will have changed, or might no longer be with us; and that can make a once mundane collection of images priceless.

I wonder how many memories have been discarded on old video tapes that are now fifty feet under ground in landfills. Perhaps some future civilization might excavate the old dumps and find hours and hours of shaky videos of random people playing with their dog in the back garden; I pity the individual who gets the job of sorting that out.

But to my point, I make videos of my countryside adventures to help me remember that feeling of being miles from another human being at 4am on a beautiful mid summers morning, or a cold mid-winters day up on the moors in the snow and fog.... I also share them online in the hope that others will get inspiration to go seek out the same place or route, just as I have been inspired by others.

One day I’ll no longer be here and the only things left of me will be the films I’ve made, the music I’ve composed, the albums I've played on, and the things I have written.
Maybe in years to come, someone will be interested in my small contributions, perhaps family, that would be nice…