About me


My name is Paul Atkinson, I live in North East England, for more than 20 years, I made my living making professional video and audio for TV, radio and the Internet, but today, partly because of the changing landscape in digital media, I work with a select number of clients, providing mostly editing and post-production services.

My passions are filmmaking, music production and walking in wild Northumberland. I'm working on several projects that involve the full range of production, these include Five Miles West (the rich industrial history of a Newcastle village), Wild Places (a collection of some of the wildest places to visit in Northumberland), and 40 Hell Years Of Rock (a personal perspective of the rock music scene in Newcastle from 1980), each a mamouth project in its own right that invloves music composition, research and interviews)

In addition to scores of corporate video, marketing and advertising productions, my past projects include V United (Official DVD) 2009 (a poetic perspective of being a Newcastle United fan) Magpie Memories (Official DVD) 2010 (another Newcastle United project about the memories of fans and players over the years) and several album, touring and TV projects 1982 to 2018 from my time as a semi-pro musician.